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Always figure out what is best for you at that very moment first, and then make the best choice based on what you know about your opponents. If you take the time to consider all these factors first, chances are you'll always end up in the good by making a deal.

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The chop calculation is wrong. Would have still made for great TV and all the final tablers would have been millionaires. Makarov, He wouldn't. Deals are not always beneficial to all the players.

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This is why you need to make sure you clearly examine all deals before you accept. If Kelly Kim would have taken a chip chop, he would have lost money. What am I missing? Why would Kelly take the K if he already has k minimum? Again you need to look at where you are, and what you stand to make without a deal. If there are four players left and someone proposes a deal with a remainder for the winner, you're set with X payout, needing to win for anymore.

You have to compare the X payout to the standard payout scale. If there are 4 players left and X is below the payout for second, but above third, you're assuming that you're not going to make it to heads up, since you would make more money heads up if you don't take the deal. You have to evaluate where you reasonably stand to finish, and if that would equate to more or less money than the deal.

If the chip chop gives you more than second place, there's a good chance you should take the deal, as it can really go either way heads up.

What about giving everyone a fair share of the cash, then playing for the remainder? This is a fairly common scenario online. It can either be an even spread or a chip-chop, leaving part of the prize pool to be played for I like that version the best.

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Make your first deposit at poker and they will automatically match your initial deposit with a. Dennis Phillips, unless he takes some bad beats, will want to play it out, from first deal to the bitter end.

David "Chino" Rheem is one of my favorites for the final four. A deal might be in his favor at that point. Johnny Oh no Barry, you wrong bro? Bill The chop calculation is wrong. You may see how many players have agreed to each type of deal at the bottom of the deal window.

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To stop the deal, click on Decline. Once each player has agreed to the same deal, a confirmation message will pop up and the tournament will resume. When a deal is complete, the tournament will need to be played until it finishes and each player eliminated at this stage will shortly receive the agreed prize, along with a confirmation email.

If the automated deal tool is unavailable in your tournament, there are other ways to request a deal. Contact support. All-in Shootout tournaments.

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Stars Rewards Promotions. How to Play. Playing a Party Poker tournament can be a fun and relaxing activity, or a way to make a living. Everything is offered from freerolls to guaranteed prizepools to satellites into major land-based tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

Within the tournament lobby you can easily set filters to find the type of tournament you would like to play. Players at the final table of a multi-table tournament have the ability to make deals. In the main tournament lobby you can choose a filter that will show tournaments where deals are offered.

Only tournaments with regular cash prizes are able to make deals. Deals are not available for tournaments such as satellites. The chip leader has the ability to set-up all deals. A chat box will be available where players can discuss deals. All players must agree any proposed deal before it is finalized.